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The Delilahs Live

The Dublin Castle
25th January 2006

Sweaty men and rock seem to go hand in hand, so fresh faced girl band The Delilahs are a breath of fresh air. Hailing from Zug in Switzerland, the three members [Muriel Rhyner (vocals/bass), Isabella Eder (guitars) and Sonja Zimmerli (drums)] met at school and formed the band in late 2003, and have been going strong ever since, with opening slots with The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Stereophonics under their belt and a record deal with Jexed Records.

On a whistle-stop visit to the UK the band are openers at The Dublin Castle, and there’s an impressive queue waiting to get into the show. Kicking off the set with upcoming single This Is It Rhyner’s voice is clear, sharp and steady, with strains of Chrissy Hyde echoing through. Eder on guitars smiles from behind a sheet of blonde hair, a perfect mix of coyness and guitar princess that sums up the band – you can practically see the drool on guys’ chins in the crowd. Whilst Rhyner is economic with her on stage banter the blistering riffs more than make up for it.

Let’s Tango has some engaging drops in tempo, as its name suggests the music dances around the listener. Trouble With Mondays and Someone Dadada are equally catchy, a barrage of guitars and surprisingly heavy drums enveloping the venue. They have a clear distinct sound, which they never deviate from, and tracks could almost merge into one – but as the saying goes, if it aint’s broke, don’t fix it.

It’s refreshing to come across a girl group who are more L7 than Avril Lavigne, there’s nothing fake or manufactured about them, and their performance is slick being too overly polished. However whilst they look content on stage, there’s little movement, or audience relationship formed, which would bring another dimension to the set. All in all – an interesting introduction to a girl band who prove tonight they’re not just pretty faces.

Dee Massey

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