Live Reviews

The Bronx – Live


KCSU, London

It takes a lot to get people going on a Monday night. The first work day of the week may be over, but the overbearing feeling of woe still hovered me as I trudged through London to reach King’s College SU. True, the excitement of seeing The Bronx, in their first London show in 18 months, was bubbling under, but it needed something to jumpstart the night.

Hexes provided it, though I only caught the tail end of their set, with their high energy Refused-esque tunes belting out across the crowd and giving the sound system a good going over. They will no doubt have added to their fanbase with this show, as they continue their rise up the musical ranks, surely to be tipped for big things in 2009.

Within ten seconds of taking the stage however, it was The Bronx who truly ripped away the cobwebs. Frontman Matt Caughthran treated the stage as if it were a pulpit, preaching to his baying crowd. “You know what’s about to happen,” he screamed. “I want the drinkers to drink, the moshers to mosh and the stage divers to get the fuck up here.” With that, the band were off, thrashing out an intro that saw Caughthran dive into the crowd, the stage get used as a springboard for the crowd and the bouncers fail to get their caveman-like mits on anyone.

Running through old favourites, which were belted back by the fervent packed out audience, the band were as tight as they could ever be and when they played tracks from their self-titled album, the energy level simply never dropped. Caughthran summed it up perfectly when he proclaimed: “We will never, never, never put out something that is shit.”

Welcome back guys, don’t leave it so long next time.