Live Reviews



London Scala

It’ll be a shock – and possibly even a crime – if Danish groove-masters Hatesphere aren’t headlining venues of this size themselves come October 2006. Despite the venue’s sound system having what can only be described as an epileptic fit on crack, the hard hitting quintet waste no time in inflicting whiplash upon the masses with their own unique brand of fist-pumping metal magic; with the likes of ‘The Sickness Within’ and tooth-shattering ‘Murderous Intent’ leaving no spine in tact.

Soilwork may have enjoyed what some consider moderate commercial success in recent times, but there appears to be little evidence that they’re a band keen to escape their past as a result. While curtain-raiser ‘Stabbing The Drama’ provokes scenes of limb-flailing hysteria from the jubilant pit faithful, set staples ‘Figure Number Five’ and ‘The Flameout’ are promptly offered and gratefully received by all; with even the relentless ‘My Need’ from 1998’s ‘Steel Bath Suicide’ debut propping up the set for the somewhat scarce yet well-voiced elitists in attendance.

The gods may not have been smiling on a frankly shocking mix desk this evening, but with an hour-long performance that leaves few grumbling and even fewer standing still, the Swedish sextet ensure that almost everybody leaves doing just that.

Ryan Bird