Live Reviews

Ohmega Watts – Live


Walking into a music venue full of toff rugby fans watching England’s egg chasing beefcakes lose the World Cup Final isn’t the most inviting of situations, yet that’s the predicament I found myself in as I entered Cargo, ready to see Ohmega Watts.

Having missed his last two jaunts over to the UK, I was determined to see the producer/rapper supremo so when he announced he was bringing Lightheaded crewmate Braille over with him, it was definitely one not to be missed and from the off it was worth the wait. Flipping beats from his laptop, Ohmega, or Milton Campbell as his mum named him, strode out front and got down with the rhyming, breaking out tracks from his brilliant new album Watts Happening.

Joined on stage by Theory Hazit and the quirky Braille, the trio ran through a variety of tracks such as the banging Roc The Bells [with TH filling in for missing Lightheaded member Othello] and Eyes & Ears [with Braille knocking out Jneiro Jarels’ part]. Both the guest MCs got their solo shit in too with Braille’s The IV being particularly impressive.

But what set this show apart from many others is the amount of fun Ohmega was having. During one song when Braille was busting out some hyped up running man steelo, Ohmega was behind the decks running through every cheesy dance move in history, his a smile the size of a small country. This is what uplifting hip hop is all about – listen to some rap, dust off your dancing shoes and have a ball. Fresh.

Photo by Ian Hsieh