Live Reviews


Koko Camden

Friday 16th September

It’s hot and sweaty and Koko has just witnessed the wrath of the Immortal Lee County Killers who came, rocked and left a crowd thinking of who cool they were with their screeching blues tinted rock and roll. Quote of the set was from the drummer Doug “The Boss” Sherrard at the end when he said, “this song is about the Rolling Stones, if you got acid drop it, if you got a coca cola, drink it!”. He also makes slashing gestures with his sticks as he drums, cool as fuck!

Talking of cool, when we heard Mudhoney were to visit London and play their legendary album Superfuzz Bigmuff from start to finish, it was a no brainer that we had to be there. I remember seeing them 2 nights in a row at The Hibernian club in Fulham as Mudhoney played with various Sub Pop bands back in 1992 covered in sweat blood and beer. Mudhoney are remembered for their electric live shows but 13 years on, was it going to be the same?

Well, nostalgia kicked in, we smiled, laughed as the band ripped through the album kicking off with the monster that is Touch Me I’m Sick, Hate the Police, In and Out of Grace and everything in between but the band seemed to be very relaxed about the whole thing making jokes in between songs and generally goofing around. Nothing new there but once the album was out of the way and early 7″ tracks kicked in, the night seemed to resemble something that did not really have a crescendo ending knowing all the so called “hits” were already done.

With Suck Me Dry and some new stuff thrown in at the end, it was apparent that we should have cherished the good old days as this show was a gig not to look back on as it actually said on the advert…