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Jonathan Boulet live @ The Scotch

Jonathan Boulet @ The Scotch and St James
3rd July 2014

Tonight, we are gathered in what’s probably the best basement in London. Steeped in rock ‘n’ roll history, The Scotch and St James set up shop in 1965, and from the get go it became the place to be if you were a musician in the 60’s and 70’s.

Playing host to Henrix’s first London gig, and as a playground to The Who, The Beatles and The Stones back in the day, it feels a littel surreal to find ourselves within the walls of a venue steeped in such cultural importance, rather than the sticky-floored pubs of east London. But a certain Jonathan Boulet has flown in from down under to play his debut London show, ahead of the release of Gubba, his forthcoming third album.

Joined on stage by his backing band of guitar and drums, the Aussie trio embark upon 40 minutes of heavy, guitar-led rock that packs a punch to the gut. Boulet churns out some sincerely rocking riffs tonight, and his band stay true to Gubba‘s neat and tight production.

Despite blowing ‘Hold It Down’, the arguably strongest track on the album, early on in the set, songs like ‘Creeper’ and ‘I’m A Man’ are bang on the money, channeling in heavy stoner rock grooves, and lean, mean riffs.

Jonathan Boulet is definitely a guitar players wet dream, packing in the bottom end of a band like Pond, despite the lack of a bass-player on stage tonight, with Gilmour-esque lead lines trickling over the top, Boulet certainly won his crowd tonight and got everyone’s head moving, despite the candle-lit booth’s and comfy seating arrangements.

Gubba is due for release from August 25th via Popfrenzy/Caroline.