Live Reviews

Grace – Live

100 Club

As a live act, Grace are a sure soon to be discovered British gem. Their relentless set at London’s 100 Club provides perfect energy for the 21st century indie-pop gig goer. And most importantly, they play like a band that are here to prove to London that they have arrived, that they are ready, and that their music is worth repeated listens.

Charismatic frontman JP Jones owns the stage, moving enthusiastically to his band’s music, passionately relishing the sold out crowd’s rapturous cheers and outstretched hands. He captivates in his mission to entertain, and delivers the goods exuding confidence in bucket loads. The crowd sway to Grace’s elegant, harmony laced slower sonics, and jump ecstatically to the gloriously frenzied faster numbers.

Last year’s indie buzz single, the irresistibly catchy “Stand Still“, which makes you want to do anything but, is greeted with raucous excitement, and the strong chorus explodes with the kind of vibrance many of their contemporaries can surely only dream about. “Pillars“, “Slowly” and “Alive” sparkle with sublime melodies, driving guitar hooks and crashing drum beats. What makes Grace so special is their accessibility – forget self indulgence pretension, each track showcases the band’s unashamed ability to perform fresh, uptempo indie pop to perfection.

As they end the night by launching into their forthcoming single with verve and vigour, JP proclaims ‘We’re Grace. And this is Wonderful’. They are. And it is.

Ali Norris
Photo by Kat Norris