Live Reviews

You Me At Six – Live

London Astoria
27th October 2008

Over the past year or so I have seen You Me At Six play numerous venues in London. They supported Elliot Minor at Astoria 2, filled Kings College’s Student Union, they had fans storming the stage at the Monto Water Rats, as well as impressing thousands when they supported Fall Out Boy at Wembley recently. From small stage to large stage, these five lads from Surrey have always put on a first class performance. Their recent SELL OUT gig at London’s Astoria however seemed even more exceptional than the previous shows.

Performing nearly all the tracks off their recently released debut album ‘Take Off Your Colours’, the guys powerful and energetic performances were received with open arms from a very rowdy crowd. The better-known numbers such as ‘Gossip’, ‘Jealous Minds Think Alike’ and ‘You’ve Made Your Bed’ received great responses, but it was the albums acoustic number and concluding track that received the greatest of applause. This was the first time I had seen the lads perform ‘Always Attract’. It is a song where lead singer Josh is accompanied on vocals, and stage tonight, by his sister. From the acoustic beginning to the roughed up anthem ending this song had the crowd hypnotized. Likewise, ‘The Rumour’ gave the crowd the vigorous finale they needed to end the night. With the support acts Farewell and Houston Calls returning to the stage for the anthem verse, a warm, or rather HOT and static electricity ran across the crowd.

The stage presence these guys have is phenomenal. Josh running and bounding from one end of the stage to the other is predictable. But the energy he has while doing it and the way he gets the crowd involved is amazing. Likewise, Max jumping off the drum kit with guitar in hand and Dan pounding away in the background on drums shows just how much enthusiasm and liveliness is stored in these five young musicians; especially considering You Me At Six has been touring throughout October, playing a different venue nearly every night.

Recently it seems to me as though the crowd have been getting more and more boisterous. Crowd surfing is to be expected, but the circles the fans have been fighting open are astonishing. How anyone hasn’t got seriously hurt is beyond me. The band seem to enjoy encouraging this, but if this is the new way to show support, count me out. I think I will be sticking to hand claps and cheering, not black eyes and scratches.

Michelle Ann Moore