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DJ A-Trak & DJ Craze – Live

Kid Sister


The Catch An Attitude tour features a bill that should have had any club going hip hopper salivating at the mere mention of the line up. And whilst the majority of the crowd were braindead and leaden, those of us who bothered to have a little dance weren’t disappointed.

DJ Autobot and J2K, collectively known as Flosstradamus, opened up with some huge basslines, dropping the likes of Daft Punk, Spank Rock and even Flat Eric’s mentor Mr Oizo with Flat Beat. With their usual mash ups of Crunk mixed with anything they can get their hands on, the jams coming out of the speakers were enough entertainment alone, despite the fact the rest of the line up was still to come.

So when Kid Sister stepped onto the stage, clearly as drunk as she said she was, things could only go up that next level. Despite being under the influence, she rapped hard, she smiled sweetly and she rocked her body up and down the stage, which couldn’t have been easy with 90% of the people watching her lacking any type of energy whatsoever. Telephone and Pro Nails were the best tracks of her set, and as she bounced up and down to the final song, it was clear she’s going to be one to watch.

Then came the DJ main event – A-Trak, the world’s youngest DMC Champ when he won it at 15 and now wasting his talent by DJ’ing for Kanye West, and Craze, a huge name in his own right and one that garnered the biggest cheer from the crowd. As they traded scratches, with Craze running the crossfader with his elbows and his back and A-Trak simply letting his fingers do the talking, the sweat began to appear as my friends and I tried out the new moves – The Penguin and The Crab. It’ll catch on, don’t front. The night ended just as it started, with great booming club hip hop, and I can’t wait to see them all again.

Photo by Paul Williams