Live Reviews

Diamond Nights live

Islington Academy

Half empty or half full you decide, but when New York’s Diamond Nights amble on stage, after setting up their own equipment, the stage is certainly filled with the ample presence of frontman Morgan Phalen’s larger than life personality. Opening with a great sounding newie they blast through their debut album, Popsicle, in its full glory, and it sounds FAB!

The sound is slick and tight and all 4 members work together without a hitch, but it’s frontman Phalen’s show, chatty and funny between songs and on several occasions jumped from the stage and performed in the audience his voice sounding better than it does on record. They have the songs too in the likes of Saturday Fantastic, current single The Girls Attractive and Destination Diamonds, a perfect antidote to the James Blunt’s of this world and a sure fire band of the afternoon at any festivals they maybe playing this summer.

So buy the album, go see ’em live and be the envy of all your mates who will have to concede that you may well have found the unknown best band of the year way before they did. Are you ready to rock?

Nelson Bibb

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