Live Reviews

Career Suicide – Live in Brighton

Engine Rooms, Brighton

Ack, its early doors on a Sunday, and I arrive just as Southampton’s Whole in The Head literally hit their last chord. Next up those denizens of raw Dangerhouse punk The Sceptres, who number two guys outta The Shitty Limits, a red hot guitarist from the Greg Ginn school of fret board detonation, and up front the exuberant Bryony, shouting her lungs out. They are a young band, their sound is evolving, and I dig the stomping Garage breaks they throw in to the mix.

Brighton’s own kings of crust up next – Constant State of Terror – and their first gig on home soil for a few months. The heavy,abrasive and furiously political barrage roared out of the speakers louder than a 747 on take off, with ear bleeding intensity… and way over the heads of the hardcore hipsters in the room, who cannot connect easily with such olden styled sounds. After some years picking up their records, and hearing about their explosive live set, Toronto’s Career Suicide arrive at last on our shores… and with intent… 16 straight dates around the UK and Ireland. That’s the way to do it boys.

Sometimes you can get yourself hyped up a bit too much about a band with a hot reputation, and subsequently end up a tad disappointed by the end result. Well, I’m glad to say there was absolutely no negatives about Career Suicide, they were a total bl’ast of the highest order, ripping thru 30minutes of primo-snotty hardcore punk with barely a minute to breath between the numbers… that for the record included two of my favourite tracks… “Moron” (from the debut album) and “There’s Something Wrong with You” that featured on the way rocking split 12″ with Jed Whitey… cooool!!!

As good ‘n lively as Career Suicide were, their set was greatly enhanced by an ├╝ber-charged pit of hot sweating young men who, in the spirit of Pride Weekend, got semi-naked and slammed themselves relentlessly…I suggest they enter a ‘Hardcore Float’ in the parade next year – it would go down a storm!!

So yeah, Career Suicide, coming to rip it up on a stage near you soon… get to it… moron…

Pete Craven