Live Reviews

Amanda Blank – Live

Young Fathers
Hoxton Bar And Kitchen

Young Fathers are a Scottish rap act with vague interest in being a British Plastic Little. In the Hoxton venue, teeming with Shoreditch hipsters, they found themselves getting a good round of support though ultimately the best thing about their set was the choreographed dance moves. Too much singing and not enough rap didn’t help their cause either.

Moving on to the main event however, was always going to be the fun part. Devlin and Darko set up on stage (two DJs backing you? Shit yeah, Amanda!) and knocked out some funky jams before the lady in waiting crouched on stage wearing a black cloak.

Her ballsy, fuck you, sexual persona isn’t best suited to being covered up and, sure enough, half way through the opening number the cape came off revealing a skimpy swimsuit.The barefooted rapper then thursted, danced and smiled her way through a short yet brilliant set featuring tracks such as DJ, A Love Song, Gimmie What You Got, Leaving You Behind and instant banger Might Like You Better.

She’s fiesty, she’s sexy and she’s very talented and hopefully Amanda Blank will be back very soon.

Photo by Jo Fuertes-Knight.