Live Reviews

Adequate Seven – Live

Kingston Peel

Tonight’s show may be Adequate Seven’s second-to-last before their imminent split, but a sombre evening was never on the cards with a bill this good. South London ska-punks Mouthwash are nothing short of outstanding tonight; playing a set almost entirely made up of new material that boasts a more soulful, expansive sound, whilst retaining the band’s trademark streetwise edge. Even old favourites ‘Fools Gold’ and ‘We Evolve’ sparkle with a new-found vitality that they lacked on record.

Against All Authority clearly have several fans in attendance, and tonight the Floridian waste no time in whipping the Peel into a maelstrom. Songs like ‘Sweet Televised Destruction’ and ‘Radio Waves’ are raw, raging ska-core at its finest, and it’s a wonder to watch vocalist/bassist Danny Lore’s fingers fly as he leads his band through yet another musical assault to the senses. It’s been their first visit to the UK in five years; here’s hoping we don’t have to wait that long for the next one.

Adequate Seven’s fans clearly aren’t prepared to say goodbye just yet; with the funked-up groove of ‘Head Up High’ soon giving way to the crowd’s chants of “Don’t split up!”. Indeed, it seems a shame for the Cardiff septet to split when they’ve arguably never sounded better or looked more confident onstage. Anyone not dancing tonight would be well advised to check their pulse, because songs like ‘Gotta Stay Focused’ and ‘Human Condition’ are arguably the finest meld of funk and hardcore since the heyday of Fishbone and Bad Brains. The sight of the sweat-drenched crowd baying for an encore says it all; this band are loved, and they will be missed.

Alex Gosman