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Introducing: We Are Animal

Welcome to the world of We Are Animal from the picturesque Welsh valley’s below Mount Snowdon- a band we had only heard murmurings of from our friends that skate out West with their own take on how indie records should be delivered and how bands should keep the DIY ethic of getting heard.

It’s not often bands get in touch with us direct and are actually really worthy of a feature but on this occasion we figured that We Are Animal should definitely be heard so we exchanged words with keyboardist Liam Simpson to get the lowdown on the making of their debut album ‘Idolise’.

Where does this collective Animal derive from and how many are involved?

There’s 5 of us and most of the band come from a village called Llanberis and me and Sion the drummer live just outside.

We hear that you have quite a unique way of writing and recording your music, care to explain how this great noise takes shape?

We basically live near loads of forests and awesome scenery but there’s not much to do in the area so we regularly trek on up to these forests and mountains and jam, then take what we got from it and record it. All the songs we come up with are recorded on the same day they are written using a BOSS Digital 8-track.

How many porno mags have your found on your travels to record in the woods knowing that this used to be common place throughout the 80’s or has the internet wiped out this classic UK treasure?

We’ve found no porno’s so far so yeah the web has killed it but weirdly enough we have found a used box of thrush cream!

What’s the strangest noise you have recorded on this album from the various locations it was put together?

We managed to record an owl farting once but it didn’t sound too good so it didn’t make the album.

Idolise is coming out on a Japanese label, how the hell did that happen when there are so many here in the UK?

We’re not to sure to be honest, I think they got in touch and we said yes. Simple as that really.

Many sushi restaurants in the village?

Nah, but there’s a chippy and a place called Pete’s Eats.

It’s been mushroom season of late, how’s it looking down there?

Colourful and full of leprechauns riding ferrets.

We feel the best way to prepare them is to boil up, filter and freeze into ice cubes for a pure but instant buzz, what’s your preferred method?

Filter them into a cuppa and then watch The Matrix.

Why is it always the drummer that gets busted for drugs in most bands?

Because they’re always mental!

Most drunken, idiotic story from touring with the band so far?

We were playing in in London and we ended up getting stranded without the keys for the van where we were going to sleep. I ended up getting booted in the head by some nutcase calling us pikeys, whilst trying to sleep under tarpaulin covering some tables and chairs outside a pub at about 7 in the morning.

If there’s one song that gets played most collectively in the bus on the way to gigs what is it?

Prince – 1999

Huw Stephens from Radio 1 has been quoted to say that you were the band ‘most likely to throw piss at your audience‘, explain this?

The people who come to watch us stand well back. I’m not sure if that’s the piss or the music though!

No chance of a Welsh GG Allin in the making then? More of a Dirty Sanchez?

We have met Pritchard a couple of times actually, he was wankered on both occasions so I doubt he remembers us!

Do any of you ride skateboards?

Sion (drums) does a little and skates Shortys decks. Our friend tried a casper flip over a bin once and tore right through his lip!

And lastly your impressive debut album is out now, let us know what this means to you all to finally release the beast?

I think the hard work is about to begin now that it’s actually out. We will try and keep the momentum up as well gigging and writing songs.

Last word….


Look out for We Are Animal’s debut album Idolise out on November 8th on Art Union Records. Pick it up from here