Thursday Interview

Trailblazers of the now-rather-oversaturated post-hardcore genre THURSDAY release their new album Common Existance this month.

It’s been a long time coming but boy was it worth the wait. Searing guitars, lush drumming, carefully placed electronic elements and sheer terrifying vocals make this record a must-hear. This much-loved band have paved the way for many bands and given a vital helping hand to more than a few acts who are now insanely huge (My Chemical Romance anyone?).

Thursday continually improve upon their art, even having been at it for over a decade and nothing seems to phase them or prevent the heart-stopping music from flowing. High time for a chat with Crossfire then. Winey G caught up with keyboardist Andrew Everding before the new record’s release…

What thoughts and events led to your unusual approach to releasing new material between ‘A City By The Light Divided’ and the forthcoming ‘Common Existence’? Why did you decide to release ‘Kill The House Lights’ and the Split with Envy before moving onto the next studio full-length?

After parting ways with Island/Def Jam there was somewhat of a golden opportunity to remain unsigned and release both the split and DVD before we put out the next full length. The writing for the record was unfolding into what we knew was going to be a long process, it seemed natural for us to release the DVD and the split in that time. We wanted the split record to be a strict vinyl release and Jeremy at Temporary Residence is very good at this, and he’s involved with Envy, everything seemed to just fall into place.

Are there any (new or old) musical formats that you haven’t had a chance to utilize yet but would like to at some point?

I used to record music at the Belfer Audio Archive in Syracuse, NY. They had the second largest institutional collection of wax cylinder and phonograph recordings. I wouldn’t mind releasing a song on a wax cylinder. Maybe the next film about Thursday should be on laserdisc or beta-max?

Do you think music will ever come to exist in digital form only?

God I hope not. There is a new generation of music listeners that have missed out listening to analog recordings, which is an entirely different experience. It’s not convenient, but it’s a little more soothing to the ears. The charm of listening to a full record front to back is slowly disappearing.

Would you say that there has been a shift in your approach to songwriting over the past two years? How would you describe the change, if so?

I think we scrapped some of the experimentation in exchange for the roots of what we used to do. And we also tried to write the songs with our live performance in mind, since most people know us as a live band.

Your video for ‘Ladies And Gentlemen…’ had a very interesting and original concept. What can we expect from the forthcoming video for ‘Resuscitation of A Dead Man’?

Travis (the director for Ladies and Gentleman) torturing us. I saw the first cut a few days ago. It might be the best video we’ve ever done. It’s crazy, and it was crazy to make. I can’t really give away anything.

What are your favourite tracks on the new record and what do they mean to you?

My absolute favorite is “Circuits of Fever”. It has more to do with the process of writing and recording it than any actual literal meaning. It just hits me in the stomach when I hear it, every time.

Were there many more songs written that didn’t make the record?

Yes quite a few, they will probably be released within the Doves Club which if you sign up for it gives you a new Thursday song or unreleased track every month for a year.

Are you looking forward to getting back to the UK? What are your favourite memories of playing over here?

Yes I am, My favorite memory is flying over for the first time. It was such a big deal for me, to realize that playing music was allowing me to travel all over the world. I still get excited by it.

Is there any particular setting or festival in the UK that you’d like to play but haven’t yet?

Yeah, Glastonbury.

What do you think about the rise of newer British bands to notoriety in the States? Particularly your labelmates Bring Me The Horizon and Gallows?

I’m awaiting to meet Bring Me The Horizon, I heard they are young and kids get all hot and bothered for them. I’ll let you know after I see them live.

Which new bands coming from New Jersey should we be keeping an eye out for?

“Holler, Wild Rose!”

What can we expect from Thursday in terms of live performances and new material over the next year or so?

We’re going to tour as much as we can, playing plenty of new songs as well as the old ones. Maybe Chronological set lists?? New material will be released within our singles/doves club, but you need to sign up for that. Hopefully spending more time in the UK!!

Thursday release their new album Common Existance on Epitaph Records on Monday 16th February.