Lady Starlight interview

We were at the Download Festival this year watching Voivod in a tent when we were introduced to LADY STARLIGHT. Any girl bold enough to open up a conversation calling herself a Lady from NYC was good by us so we got chatting and a relationship over the web has blossomed since.

For those not in the know, Lady Starlight is actually Lady Gaga‘s DJ….yep, that very same press dominating, pop princess with the creamy blonde hair, huge make up bills and amazing outfits who sings songs about her Poker Face. With a few million record sales in Gaga’s CV and worldwide recognition, Starlight has decided its now her turn to take over London’s celebrity and UK rock and roll scene and you know what? You heard it here first as she has decided to kick things off right here at Crossfire.

You can witness her party fueled debut London DJ set exclusively at this year’s Crossfire Halloween Massacre on Saturday 31st October if you have your advance ticket already. Get them now before they are all gone. But know one thing, this Lady will not be playing squeeky clean pop music! Read on and find out more here…

So why are you so called Lady Starlight?

After the song by The Sweet

Does New York City have many Ladies?

Now it does…

What do you do when you are not DJ’ing?

I make clothes, collect records and write about fashion and music.

How did you hook up with Lady Gaga? What’s the connection?

She was dating one of my best friends who is the manager of the bar I used to go-go dance at.

Are you officially Lada Gaga’s DJ?

The original DJ.

What is your role in her global success?

My style, performance art and djing inspired her persona. I was also one who told her to take off her pants because I rarely wore any myself…

Must be fun to hang at the awards ceremonies etc – was that you we saw at the VMA’s on the red carpet?

Indeed! We were both clad in white, head to toe. Unplanned by the way! Actually the VMA’s are pretty pathetic, mostly full of hangers on. It’s all bullshit and about nothing but money.

Top 5 funny things you and Lady Gaga have gotten away with so far?!

1. The ULTIMATE for me was spinning doom metal legends Pentagram to a pop audience at Lollapalooza!
2. Getting banned from a few venues for lighting hairspray on fire onstage.
3. Getting a citation for public indecency.
3. Getting banned from a few venues for using a fog machine.
4. Falling down several times during one performance (alcohol and stripper heels mix about as well as vodka and wine)
5. Getting a citation for public indecency.

Most raucous night out?

Any of the above….

Is that it?

I’m saving the best for the book honey…

What do you play out in your DJ set?

Rock and metal party anthems…

Are you out there to put the hairspray back into people’s lives?! Is there enough of this going on?

Hair: The bigger the better.

Steel Panther, yes or no?

Yes, but when did they get confused with an actual band?? It’s a comedy show!!

Top 5 45’s of all time?

1. Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills
2. The Sweet – Fox on the Run
3. Guns and Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
4. Alice Cooper – Schools Out
5. Faith No More – Epic
6. Judas Priest – Living After Midnight

Will this be your UK debut as a DJ in London?

Yes! I’ve been waiting my whole life for this!

What do you know about the Crossfire Halloween Massacre?

Everybody gets laid.

Why did you choose to debut your UK set at this event?

Because I want to get laid.

What outfit will you be wearing this Halloween?

It’s a secret…but I will be representing the U.S. of A.

Any fashion tips for girls before the event?

Check your pants at the door.

Ever gone skateboarding before?

Yes. Sprained my ankle and was on crutches for a month…I think it’s safe to say I wasn’t very good at it!

Top 5 things that Lady’s like to do on the road?

1. Shop for records.

2. Go to ghetto thrift stores.

3. Run (I compete in road races).

4. Drink beer.

5. Meet boys.

How come if we search your name on google images you have your fanny out with Lady Gaga between your legs?

She was just showing me her best poker face.

Any final words of warning for people coming to this year’s Halloween Massacre?

Protect your retinas. I shoot laser beams from my fingers…

Rock your heart out with sing-alongs from Lady Starlight’s debut London DJ set at the Crossfire Halloween Massacre on Saturday 31st October. Book your tickets in advance before they sell out from