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Control Group

Control Group
‘Shoes of the People’

Control_Group_Shoes_of_the_peopleControl Group are a new DIY grunge outfit from Brooklyn comprised of three guys with a whirlpool of influences and past musical ventures. Drawing inspiration from method as well as music, they hit record without a blue print, freely tracking their instruments until something good sticks, and it has. Upcoming single, ‘Shoes of the People’, self released and available from September 13th is a raw representation of what to expect from this trio. It’s heavy, dark and rough around the edges.

‘B’ side ‘Leave it Alone’ is also a stonker, carrying more of a Pixies, indie twang that keeps in time with the side ‘A’ swagger. Control Group also retain an authenticity hard to find these days that is the organic scratchy sound of needle on vinyl, with the digital release you’re streaming now mastered straight from the first pressing. Bonus track ‘My Alien’ reveals the final point in this triangle with a Dinosaur Jr style groove and some thrashy breaks thrown in for good measure.

Control Group make energetic guitar rock with a nod to some grunge greats and this three track is a perfect introduction, pre order the limited edition 7″ here.

Dave Palmer