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Wu Tang Clan

Wu Tang Clan
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When you think of the Wu Tang Clan, you can’t help but picture the Samurai obsessed rappers bounding around, ripping the hell out of beats in their own individual way. Their debut, 36 Chambers, is one of the all time classics and their has always been weight on their shoulders as people wonder if they can ever reach those heady heights again.

The feedback has been mixed, with some people saying it lacks bangers and others claiming the new laid back style shows another step in the maturity of RZA’s production. I’m firmly esconsed in the latter, as I think this album gives the Wu collective a perfect chance to show they’ve still got it whilst at the same time switching their style so they can move out of their comfort zone.

Don’t get me wrong though, there are some straight up flames on this record, Rushing Elephants being the perfect example of a heavy slamming beat which Raekwon takes apart on the opening verse. But it is the likes of The Heart Gently Weeps which uses a Beatles tune and the brilliant Wolves [which you can hear above], featuring the sublime George Clinton.

The Wu are back and it was well worth the wait.