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Weird Owl

Weird Owl
Ever The Silver Cord Be Loosed
(Tee Pee Records)

Ever The Silver Cord Be Loosed is the new album from Brooklyn band Weird Owl. It’s nothing short of a psychedelic roller coaster taking your mind on ups and downs in strange and beautiful ways. Echoing through your brain like a vibrant acid trip.

The music is so clearly influenced by 60’s and 70’s psychedelic rock, combining bluesy guitars, somnolent vocals and spaced out synthesizers to create a sound that sends you off into a trance. The guitars are distorted, the solos are rockin’ and the beats are mellow. This kind of music hasn’t been done properly since the 70’s and only mildly influences bands now, with none really being true to the genre. But I feel that a lot of people will be glad to welcome it back especially when it’s being revived so well.

Even though you feel like you’re going on a trip to Woodstock the sound is still extremely coherent, as people need to chill out now more than ever. I feel that the band should attract an array of fans. From people who still carry the torch of psychedelia, to fans of more modern indie bands that take influence from this type of music. The plethora of sounds created on the album range from bands like Pink Floyd to the Pixies. Even the immensely popular Kings of Leon have a sound similar to Weird Owl at some points.

Songs like Do What The Owl Wilt and Skolopathing are like a sound that was created over 30 years ago but played in a new, raw way. The hallucinogenic music Weird Owl makes deserves to be popular as there’s a huge gap in the market for it right now. So if you want a lesson in mind expansion then listen to Ever The Silver Cord Be Loosed.

Jonathan Teggert