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Shinola Volume 1
Schnitzel Records

Ween are one of the best bands in the world, its that simple. Over the years they have produced and written some of the best alternative records ever released and year by year they come back with another slice of the Ween pie for your listening pleasure. The beautiful fact about Ween s that they can play any genre, twist it and make it sound cool. Shinola Volume 1 is the first album to be released of tracks that have been left around the studio floor waiting to get out for ages. Well now, Ween fans everywhere will be delighted to see that an entire album of previously unreleased material is now on the shelf via Schnitzel Records with enough different tracks on there for you to melt over. For real fans of this band you know what we mean when we say that you will not be disappointed as this is yet another great slice of Ween to add to the collection in the same vein as the classic “Chocolate and Cheese” album that put the duo firmly on the map.

It’s as unpredictable as ever and a must have in your collection but I will hand you over to Dean Ween for his view on it: “The album contains killer new mixes of a lot of songs that have been floating around. I don’t mind telling you that it’s a really great record. The record was produced and mixed by Andrew Weiss and Ween and it’s an ugly one. You really wanna pick this up, I’m not shitting you.” Mickey Melchiondo (aka Dean Ween)