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Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling
(Ugly Duckling)

You know what you’re going to get with Long Beach’s sunniest sons – fun, chirpy choruses and horns galore. Their latest album, Audacity, has buckets of all of these things, but it’s on this release, over 10 years after they first burst out of the West Coast scene, that they really show they’re able to mature to become a new breed of Duckling.

For a start, there is more singing on this record, which is absolutely inspired. Whilst other groups would come off as cheesy and tacky, Dizz, Andy and Young Einstein are able to shimmy their way across the stacatto brass with ease. They’ve taken a step up lyrically too, something they’ve admitted to spending a lot of time on to make the album more personal, which adds to the overall complexity of arrangement found throughout the 12 tracks.

The track you can hear is the opening track, Let It Die which contains everything mentioned above. One thing they won’t let die is the funk, so whack on your headphone and feed your quack habit!