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Ty Segall

TY_SegallTy Segall
Drag City

The crowned king of contemporary garage rock and all things fuzz has shared a new, rather wacky music video titled ‘Manipulator’, taken from his new album of the same name.

This isn’t just any old music video, mind you. This is an interactive world in which bedroom curtains become hot dogs, jumbo jets shape shift into seabass and babies heads fall from the sky without warning. A fitting visual aid to Ty’s new music as, aurally, ‘Manipulator’ is a whirlwind of colour.

Ty’s stylistic choices of layering sludged chords with riffs that sing with sustain, a dueling falsetto and organic organ warble all keep ‘Manipulator’ afloat in a scene often awash with overly retrospective music. Undeniably influenced by an unfathomable collage of psychedelic tones from the past, present and probably future too, Segall remains ahead of the pack sounding fresh and ready to play his next hand.

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