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The Voom Blooms

The Voom Blooms
(23rd Recordings)

Loughborough four piece The Voom Blooms have found time in their incessant touring schedule to bring us their new single ‘Anna‘, a lovely little slice of indie pie. Still sailing on the success of their debut single ‘Politics and Cigarettes’ the band have produced a track which can’t fail to hit the mark.

Raw but slick, ‘Anna‘ tinkers along, the beat never dropping, the aching bass pushing the track on – you can’t help but tap your toes to this little gem. Frontman George Guildford has an endearing break to his voice, a rawness that suits the tone of the track.

With an all-enveloping chorus and a triumphant beat, The Voom Blooms have managed to capture raw emotion in a tidy little streamlined package, this is what the countless other indie bands are aiming for, but few seem to get to grips with. Anna reconfirms our suspicions from their debut single ‘Politics and Cigarettes’, The Voom Blooms really are the ones to watch.

Out now.