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The Sword

The Sword
Age Of Winters
Kemado Records

If you thought High On Fires last album was just about the last word in brain melting heavy fucking metal, then make way for the huge metallic might of The Sword! Hailing from Austin, Texas, The Sword take their love of sludge-fiends The Melvins and Sleep and mix it with the classic fist punching metal of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and the primal doom of Black Sabbath at their darkest.

It’s a potent mix that thunders along with a devastating power, knocking you out with sucker punch after sucker punch. Opening track ‘Celestial Crown‘ sets the scene with a slow devastating doom riff that feels like ten tons of bricks coming down on your head before second track ‘Barael’s Blade‘ explodes into life and kicks your arse across the room. The Sword is one of the best metal bands you will ever hear, period.

Get ready to sharpen the blade.

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