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The Stupids

The Stupids
Peruvian Vacation
(Boss Tuneage)

Here we have the first four of a prospective six re-issues from UK Hardcore pioneers the Stupids, who came busting out of Ipswich in the mid-Eighties and totally nailed a new fresh sound on these shores with a formula that was very much under the influence of the harder faster Punk that was being hammered out across the pond in North America. And these guys totally nailed it with incredibly catchy and adrenalized songs that embraced skating, girls, b-movies, soft drinks, fast food… and general goofiness… and in turn helped set the blueprint for the US inspired Hardcore explosion that swept the UK underground in their wake.

These four discs encompass their debut 1985 EP “Violent Nun” whose raging twelve tracks were a serious shot in the arm and entered a landscape where UK Punk was very much about UK’82 burnouts and doom laden Crusties. The EP and subsequent two albums “Peruvian Vacation” and “Retard Picnic” originally saw the light of day on Children of The Revolution Records. Disc four includes their three sessions on the hallowed John Peel Show, plus four tracks from a BBC session by drummer Tommy and guitarist Ed Shred’s alter-ego Frankfurter… including the 7SECONDS inspired (!!) “We’re Gonna Eat”…

For the purists amongst you all these releases have (limited edition) vinyl pressings, with some extra cuts, whilst the CD packages are a full blown ‘bonus fest’ with demo’s, outtakes and live material, plus a chunky monkey booklet complete with liner notes, photos, flyers… all the good shit Holmes! Discs five and six will include the “Van Stupid” “Jesus Meets The Stupids” and “Frankfurter” 12″s…. oh yes… appetite whetted… so much fun…!!!

Pete Craven