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The Stupids

The Stupids
The Kids Don’t Like It
(Boss Tuneage)

If you didn’t know the story; by the time the Stupids spluttered to a halt 20 years ago, only drummer/vocalist Tommy was an original member. Bar a brief return on drums with BYO outfit That’s It! he would successfully reposition himself behind a turntable, under the guise of Klute. The Stupids were a footnote on the golden years of Eighties UK Hardcore. Great memories (check), few excellent records (check) and that was it.

Or it was…? Last year Boss Tuneage released a comprehensive and finely packed retrospective of the Stupids entire back catalogue… and, next thing, Tommy has gotten the band back together, played a few gigs, and hit Southern Studios in early 2009 to lay down this brand new album. Fast work…

After repeated solid spins of this 16 song disc I’m liking what I’m hearing; sure, there is that warm feeling (if you will) of familiarity, with Tom’s distinct hollered vocals and machine-gun skin bashing, Marty’s razor sharp riffage, and a buncha funny/sarcastic songs that poke fun at new age bongo-bums, asshole music shop employees, middle age punks (pot, kettle.. ahhah??!!), Jesus freaks, etc… you know, the really serious shit in life that drags you down! End to end the material is upfront and fresh, super melodic and mighty powerful, certainly doesn’t stink of a blatant attempt to just rehash past glories. The musicianship is top notch, but that’s what always made these guys stick out in the first place… the quality of the songs.

I don’t buy in to every damn band that comes out of mothballs to try and recapture old times, but, whether the kids choose to like this or not, trust me – this LP is first rate. Still got the tuneage (dudes).

Pete Craven