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The Strokes

The Strokes
First Impressions of Earth
Rough Trade

When I first heard about the new strokes album I was immediately excited about what I thought would be another offering of some classic Strokes stuff and I have not been left disappointed. The album shows The Strokes sound has modernised but still has the original kick from the previous 2 albums.

The album begins with ‘You Only Live Once‘ a relaxing song which seems to be a simple intro track. It then breaks into their amazing new single ‘Juicebox‘. Pretty much the rest of the album shows off The Strokes newly matured sound with exception to a few tracks of classic strokes tunes.

This album shows this NYC 5-piece at their best and I would recommend “First Impressions of Earth” to anyone who liked ANY or their previous material and if you have never heard of them before, you have a lot of essential catching up to do.

Chris Arundel