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The Sound Explosion

The Sound Explosion
Captains of Industry

Newcastle four piece ‘The Sound Explosion’ continue their assault on the airwaves with ‘Apollo‘ – the first offering from their much anticipated second album. Produced by The Stokes mastermind Gordon Raphael, this is high octane, punchy track that is the perfect taster into what looks like being a solid second album.

With over 100 live dates under their belt, The Sound Explosion live up to their name as one of the most explosive live acts on the circuit, and trying to bottle the energy spinning off them on stage proves a difficult challenge. From the onset it’s a punch to the face, drum lines pounding under your skin.

Frontman Kit Endean belts out lines, his voice ragged in parts, trading vocals with guitarist Glen Roughead.

The change in tempo throughout keep attention fixed, as it sways and thrashes through the track, the direction chopping and changing. The momentum builds up throughout the track until the rugs pulled from beneath your feet and you’re left in freefall, only for the bass to kick in below again. ‘Apollo‘ peaks with an intoxicating barrage of guitars and it’s almost worth the wait. I say almost……because this stunner of a track that leaves you hungry for more, roll on that second album, we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Dee Massey