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The Ripps

The Ripps
Long Live The Ripps
(Catskills Records)

Smash together The Clash, Buzzcocks, The Pixies and The Sex Pistols and what do you get? The best thing to come out of Coventry since Lady Godiva and her naked horse-riding skills.

The Ripps combined quirky bright songs with a punk attitude that more than likely involves spitting in the street and swearing a bit, and Long Live The Ripps is the result. The debut album from brothers Patch and Raul Lagunas, along with adopted sibling Rachel Butt, draws on so many influences it is impossible not to like it.

They describe themselves as “Alcopopalyptic, Chiptastic & Tostadora”, but I reckon a better analogy would be Graham Coxon having a breakdown and going mental at a passing one-man band, then apologising and buying the poor bloke a nice cup of tea.

Long Live The Ripps is one of those albums you should definitely get if you like Specials covers and songs about getting in fights with drunken idiots who don’t like your haircut.

Tim Mogridge