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The Plight

The Plight
Black Summer
(Visible Noise)

Formed in Leeds in 2004, The Plight mix kick-arse rock n’roll with the ferocity of classic hardcore, creating a potent brew that is quickly picking up fans across the country. ‘Imagine Black Flag getting trashed with Thin Lizzy at a Motorhead gig,’ it says here on the press release thingy and I’m not one to argue ‘cos they’re bang on. The Plight have the intensity of any prime hardcore act but play it with such a rock n’roll strut you can swing your hips while you circle-pit.

Their debut release ‘Black Summer‘ features six sonic sucker-punches that will knock you for six. Yeah, they’ve been compared to Gallows and the CD includes from brilliant artwork from Dan Munford who also did all of the Gallows artwork and although The Plight come from a similar mind-set as Watford’s finest, they sound very much their own and play with enough energy to inspire a teenage rampage. Definitely ones to watch in 2008.

James Sherry