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The Milk Teeth

The Milk Teeth
Go Faster Stripes

Last year we brought The Milk Teeth to you when they released their debut single Cold Climate and since then they have simply grown into molars ready to take a bite from the bigger slice of the pie.

Their brand new single out this week (March 12th) ‘Go Faster Stripes‘ is a perfect follow up to where they first started, mixing razor sharp garage rock with massive choruses. This track is rocket fuelled and ready to blast into your life as soon as you press play and the other wonderful observation is the Chris Massey directed video to go with it. The b-side to this gem “As Good As It Gets‘ has more of a Dick Dale influenced surf feel and oozes pop sleeze with slide guitars and muchos catchiness by the barrel load.

Basically this single is going to take some beating, so look out for Simon Clark’s fronted 3 piece in your local indie store today as this is certainly gonna put a smile on your face!

Watch the video for Go Faster Stripes on YouTube here.

Watch the video for As Good As It Gets on YouTube here

Upcoming live shows:

22 Mar 2007 – 20:00 – Nambucca London
31 Mar 2007 – 20:00 – Purple Turtle London
4 Apr 2007 – 20:00 – The Fly London
15 Apr 2007 – 20:00 – Lazy Sundays @ The Spice of Life Soho, London