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The Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem
Old White Lincoln
(Side One Dummy)

New Jersey’s The Gaslight Anthem have melted the hearts of people across the UK this year with a lot more heart melting to be done! Their punky, slightly Bruce Springsteen-esque anthems transcend a multitude of scenes resulting in something truly genuine and definitely worth a listen no matter what music you’re into.

New single ‘Old White Lincoln‘ is no different to any other song from sophomore album ‘The ’59 Sound’. Expertly paced with a cunning combination of gentle musical prowess and a rousing singalong chorus, this track is something you can listen to on a rowdy roadtrip with your friends or on a mundane Sunday at home with your parents. But perhaps not if your parents are anti-tattoos.

There are pretty much no limits to where The Gaslight Anthem’s heart-rending music would be appropriate so the chances are that there will be an occasion soon when you’ll find their soothing tones a comfort or an inspiration.