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The Embassy

The Embassy
Some Indulgence

The Embassy are Sweden’s prime pop professors and designers behind the Göteborg scene, which boasts a wealth of fantastic indie bands such as The Tough Alliance and Studio (who named their own labels after Embassy songs).

This album of shimmery saccharine pop has been lulling the Crossfire stereo into submission with it’s blend of Cures-ish guitars and kitsch Britpop-y electronics. Chilled out yet catchy, it’s the perfect antidote to yet another disappointingly rainy British summer and a massive leap from their 2005 debut ‘Futile Crimes‘.

The Embassy are, so we’re told, an indie phenomenon in Sweden yet unbelievably pretty much unknown here on British shores. This new album ‘Tacking‘ boasts 9 refreshingly simple and uplifting tracks that we guarantee will be the soundtrack to the rest of your summer. Get involved!

Trotty P.