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Test Icicles

Test Icicles
Circle Square Triangle
Domino Records

A 3 piece punk rock band with a difference is just about to enter your world. This is no ordinary trio, these kids are making some of the best new rocking tracks out there right now and this brand new single just adds more belief that this will travel further than the their raucous Boa vs Python EP in the summertime this year. The Icicles seem have a different slant on the word chaos and this is pop proof they can mix a tune into such anarchy.

Circle Square Triangle takes the chaotic influences from bands like At The Drive In, Brainiac and Billy Talent and adds a disco beat that creeps into your system like speed at a best friends wedding. The album that is coming out soon will be a must have, but get this first and get your fix before everyone knows about them. Out on October 24th on Domino Records.