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Steve Turner and his Bad Ideas

Steve Turner and his Bad Ideas
‘New Wave Punk Asshole’
Funhouse Recordings
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If you were to read Steve Turner‘s musical CV it would list lead guitarist of Mudhoney right at the very top being his most famous role over the years. Then as you worked your eyes down the list of other credible projects such as the grunge catalyst Green River, and the rawkus Monkeywrench with Mudhoney singer Mark Arm, the scuzzy garage skills of The Fall Outs, the wonderfully named The Thrown Ups and others, you realise that Turner has kept to his routes from day one and has never fallen down the bad music hole once.

With the addition of a further 3 solo albums to boast about since learning how to play guitar and sing at the same time, Turner is back with another project released this month on Funhouse Recordings that needs your attention. ‘New Wave Punk Asshole’ is a 16 track long player that creaks garage soul and punk prowess that you could possibly associate with the solo projects of one Graham Coxon.

If you look at the influnces of both of these musicians you can hear that UK Punk played a role in the spikyness of the Brit’s songwriting and likewise with Turner with the psych garage sound the 60’s.

Mainly though the one simple 2 things they both have in common is that they both come from popular bands and they both have the songwriting skills to keep us all happy with amazing music.

‘New Wave Punk Asshole’ does not spit noise down your ears though, despite it’s roots in punk. Kicking off with the attitude filled ‘No One Gives A Shit’, this record keeps it’s superfuzz big muff quietly in the mix to deliver standout tracks ‘Reject the Future’, ‘Everyones an Ex’, ‘Cold City’, ‘I know You Scorpio’, the wonderful ‘Pushing Up Daisies’ and ‘The Partys Over‘ that has more in common with Coxon’s songwriting than any other tracks on this album.

Turner’s 60’s roots reflect best on ‘Baby Baby Baby Baby’ that has more in common with The 13th Floor Elevators than Mudhoney, so if you are looking for ‘Touch Me I’m Sick‘ you will not be finding it on this record but that is what is so great about Turner’s solo projects, as you are always going to get something different when it’s released on August 24th.

Chuck Bangers