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New People Make Us Nervous
(Pelado Records)

Hailing from Sudbury, Ontario in Canada, Statues are your new favourite punk band, you just don’t know it yet. Part spiky, wiry Wire and Fall post-punk mixed with the classic US and UK punk sounds of The Replacements, Husker Du, Buzzcocks and The Undertones, Statues avoid the retro trap with an extra indie vibe that recalls the first Futureheads album.

Statues, you see, have the potential to turn the heads of more than just punk scenesters. You could easily imagine NME frothing at the mouths over this one. The quality of the songs is strong enough to raise mainstream eyebrows but the buzzing garage rock guitars and punk strut is strong enough to a keep even the most hardened punk happy. Statues have just toured through the UK and ruled! The band have a new 7″ out called ‘Same Bodies Same Faces‘ on the mighty Deranged Records. You know you need it.

James Sherry