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Sound Team

Sound Team
Born To Please

The Texas based six-piece Sound Team step up to the plate with their debut single ‘Born To Please’, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Movie Monster’. Recorded at their own Big Orange studio, ‘Born To Please’ has a relentless beat, throbbing away as the track waltzes and meanders, blissfully chilled out at times, with passion searing through sporadically.

Charmingly familiar riffs and a multi textured sound combine to create a track that’s immediately likeable; the laid back Texan vibe combines with their indie sensibilities to produce a single that never quite grabs your attention with any one particular thing, but is a absolute gem of a track.

One listen simply isn’t enough, and whilst you can’t pinpoint what’s so captivating about it – it simply curls its way into your memory. Frontman Matt Oliver’s vocals are engaging and sincere, backed up by his ‘team’ of friends, this is just the first offering off a debut album that could well be the surprise indie classic of the year. Close your eyes and let yourself be charmed.