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Reign In Blood
(American Recordings)

There are few bands and even fewer records capable of standing the tests of time like Slayer and their eponymous 1986 release “Reign In Blood“. While the likes of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” and Megadeth’s “Rest In Peace” were offering tasty and superiorly technical treats, Slayer were a band tapping into something far more sinister and a damn sight heavier, creating an album that by all stretches of the imagination would redefine the term in itself.

There were no ballads, no delicate acoustic intros and certainly no vocal harmonies; just a devastating blend of hardcore, punk and thrash metal relentlessness that was chewed up and spat back in the face of mainstream society with all the subtlety of a petrol bomb. From the infamous opening scream of curtain-raiser “Angel Of Death” to the now legendary riff of “Raining Blood“, it was a formula that would go on to be copied by many but equalled by none.

In celebration of “International Slayer Day“, Crossfire invites – nay, implores – you to press play and turn the speakers up until the sonic devastation is enough to melt the faces of both you and those within a 1 mile radius. This is a day that comes but once a millennium (06/06/06), so make it count.

Happy fucking Slayer day!