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Scene Stealers

On the back of their previous single Breathe, SkreinTax – the combined forces of Skrein and Dr Syntax – are back with the title track from their album Scene Stealers and a B-Side featuring rapper and why-wasn’t-he-nominated-for-a-Bafta Adulthood star Plan B.

Scene Stealers, which you can hear by clicking the player above, sees the two rappers ride of a beat by Foreign Beggar Dag Nabbit with choice cuts from DJ IQ. The duo pound the listener with punchline after punchline showing off their respective skills on the mic and give a perfect example of what to expect from the rest of the album [which is out now!].

The aforementioned B-Side, Last Dayz is a non album track, so it’s well worth picking up. Y’know to support UK hip hop n’that.