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Shiny Darkly

Shiny Darkly
‘Soft Skin’
Crunchy Frog Records

While Shiny Darkly take clear influence from the 1980s in both their production approach and musicianship, be assured that this copenhagen trio do their musical forefathers great justice. Let their new single ‘Soft Skin’ set the standards.

Despite it’s delicate title, ‘Soft Skin’ greets you with a sinister collection of dark, deep and dungeonesque sounds. A scythe-like synthesiser glistens, piercing through a relentless wall of bass before sharp, ice-pick guitar tones decend upon your ears. An introspective and brooding wall of sound is built, yet there’s a beam of sunlight flickering through as the chorus hits, with a triuphant vocal hook soaring high above Shiny Darkly’s gloomy asthetic.

This trio use a melting pot of post punk influence to drive their music to fresh territories. A Mark Burgess-esque howl and primitive rhythms akin to those of The Jesus and Mary Chain make for a retrospective sound, yet when placed next to their Copenhagen contemporaries, such as Lower and Iceage, what Shiny Darkly are doing here is completely refreshing.

Look out for Shiny Darkly’s debut album Little Earth, due for release in early 2015.