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Rise Above Records

Rise Above Records have been responsible for some incredible releases over the last few months. New albums by Taint and Capricorns are about to put ground-breaking UK metal back on the map, whilst Circulus and Witchcraft released records so steeped in seventies folk and rock you start to question what decade you’re actually in! Next up, here comes Sheavy.

‘Republic?’ is the bands fourth album for Rise Above and it’s business as usual in the Sheavy camp. Here you get eleven slabs (yes, this one goes to eleven) of Black Sabbath inspired stoner/doom rock that is packed with fuzz and distortion and vocals that sound more like Ozzy than Ozzy himself!

A few years back you couldn’t swing a bong around without spilling rancid bong water all over a stoner rock band, but it seems that the majority of the bands have finally smoked too much and can’t do anything but sit down and drool. Not Sheavy – these guys are still waving their freak flag high and long may they continue to do so.

James Sherry