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Send More Paramedics

Send More Paramedics
The Awakening
(In At The Deep End)

What do you get when you mix the unrivalled intensity of 80’s thrash metal with the blood-splattered gore of Dawn of the Dead? That would be Leeds based zombie crew Send More Paramedics, of course.

New album ‘The Awakening’ is yet another collection of monstrous riffs, jackhammer drum blasts and more head-caving screams than you can shake your own intestines at. From opening hammer blow of ‘Everything Is Not Under Control’ to the foot stomping grooves of curtain-falling ‘Transmission’ it drips, bleeds and oozes quality from every flesh-torn orifice.

Complete with a bonus disc of chilling soundscapes, this is one album you simply cannot be without this Halloween. Rip it out the bag and choke yourself to death with it.