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Scratch Perverts

Scratch Perverts
Cockney Thug [Remix]
(MySpace Exculsive)

Everyone who is anyone knows about the Scratch Perverts and their turntable manipulating, party rocking skills. And with this remix, they’re showing that they have the skills on the production boards too as they turn Rusko‘s ridiculously groggy track Cockney Thug into a bouncing electro banger.

Bleeps and basslines take the already huge beat in a completely different direction from the original whilst keeping Rusko’s trademark upbeat, fast paced nature securely in place. The Perverts add some extra dialogue including the brilliant inclusion of “you fucking prat” near the end.

Remixes ride a delicate balance – sometimes they bring something amazing to the table, turning a tune on its head, moving the tune into a completely different realm and sometimes they just bollocks everything up. Thankfully, this track lies proudly in the former category.