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Self titled LP
Ny Våg Records

When old school punk rock US style hits the speakers here, it takes us back to the good old days of Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Adolescents and JFA which can only be described as the golden days especially as the word punk rock is so over used thesedays in the pop world. So it was refreshing to slam this CD into the wookie box here and find a gem explode through the speakers.

Regulations are a 4-piece from Sweden featuring ex-members (and some current members) of E.T.A., Dead Ones, and The Vectors and bring snotty, charging, old school hardcore that will leave you wanting to smash the place up and go skating after one listen. Stand out tracks span all across the record but one i particularly find myself singing more than often is “Police Siren” that you camn hear on this page, but you can’t go wrong with any of these 12 tracks as they all individually creep into one another to create an album full of the sort of punk you wanna hear every day. End It Now has Minor Threat written all over it, Fashion Girl has the Dead Boys, I Don’t Need has to go on a skate video or else, I Feel Sick has the same attitude as the Circle Jerks, 1945 is on the same tip and so on….you get the message.

If you like hardcore, you know that this shit gets you up in the morning, it also can save your arse if you are on a down about somehting or other, so think yourself lucky that people still make this stuff…right, i’m off to slash up a curb…go buy one today!