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‘White People Crazy’


2014 just kicked of with an anthem. Some will throw the racist card into this new tune from Rawcus, an Atlanta based rapper/producer whose identity is underwraps, but others will be raising the genius card on this ditty and maybe even parting a dollar in exchange.

It’s a pompous message that calls out a bunch of celebs and reasons why most ‘White People Are Crazy‘ that will spreads like a virus onto the computer screens of the world’s peepers over the next week or so.

No doubt Rawcus has been working on this for a while to produce a track and a video that goes viral to help fill that tip box. Anyone that has the audacity to prepare something so goddam controversial, yet still hold so much truth in its words whilst looking at 2014 society with such disregard and humour should be commended. Or shot. Your call.

No doubt this video will have millions of views on it in the next week. Watch it why there’s still only 38,271 as we post this. Hats off to Rawcus, this will go down as one of the feats of free speech of the year without a doubt poking fun at the mainstream and reminding humans just how stupid the entire planet is.

Download the single which is on the “Fake It Til You make It.” EP here.