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Supporting Caste

A 12-song infusion of post punk and tech metal bursting through your eardrums on the 9th of March! This is Propagandhi‘s 5th album Supporting Caste. When most bands reach their 5th album they tend to lag a bit, trying to make their music more experimental or accessible and not sticking to their guns. Sometimes it works however sometimes it fails miserably. Propagandhi however are sticking to what they know best, and what they know best is how to make good music.

The band uses a nice blend of powerful songs that flow easily and keep a good fast pace throughout them. They’ve even got a good old face ripping solo at the start of Dear Coach’s Corner that reminds me of The Screams by Integrity. Supporting Caste is definitely an evolution from their more hardcore-based previous work. Even though the music’s more upbeat than it is aggressive the softer songs still hit you hard.

The technicality and musical style they use is reminiscent to actual tech metal bands but if they were played in a happy scale with more upbeat beats and inspiring lyrics. With songs such as Potemkin City Limits and Funeral Procession striking a lighter note on the heartstrings. If you want to listen to a record that generally makes you feel good about life then Supporting Caste is the one for you.

Supporting Caste is an uplifting collection of 12 songs; I can only praise the way that they’ve used their musical ability to such a positive effect. They’re not just a band with the gimmick of being “posi” though; I feel like Propagandhi genuinely mean this. Although their 4 previous records have never really broken the mainstream I get the feeling that this omnibus could do it. If you like to be impressed by music that’s clever and refined then pop down the shops on the 9th of March and fuck the recession by buying this album.

Jonathan Teggert