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Infra Red
(Virgin Records)

With their fifth studio album ‘Meds‘ still riding high in the charts worldwide, Placebo are back with the second single from what looks to be their most successful album to date. One thing is for sure – they’ve come a long way baby. Brian Molko’s songwriting has audibly grown and matured, and their new single ‘Infra Red’ is the perfect showcase for this fresh sound.

Dimitri Tikovoi is back in the producing seat, and has stripping away the effects and paraphernalia, revealing again the solid foundations to Placebo. ‘Infra Red’ curls its way around you with softer understated verses swept up by delirious choruses, with crunching guitar and attack. Lyrically the track is as dark and paranoid as ever, Molko’s unique vocals are unnervingly menacing “someone call the ambulance there’s gonna be an accident, I’m coming up on infra-red, there is no running that can hide you…” – but at the same time so sweetly seductive with rapturous guitar highs.

With an album bursting with potential singles, ‘Infra Red’ is another exciting release from a band who are simply going from strength to strength, growing with every release. Out now.