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Parts And Labor

Parts And Labor

Despite Parts & Labor‘s wilfully berserk quest for sonic experimentation through a barrage of malfunctioning electronic beeps and squeals, they still understand that underneath it all, the song is still king. Tracks like ‘The Gold We’re Digging‘ and ‘Vision Of Repair‘ display a commendable quest to search out new sounds and unpredictable structures and grooves.

Yet at the heart of each song is a melodic sensibility that betrays teenage years reared on a diet of classic Husker Du, Sonic Youth and the Minutemen (covering here D Boon’s brilliant anti-war spiel ‘King Of The Hill‘) that stops ‘Mapmaker‘ short of becoming art for arts sake.

Hailing from Brooklyn, this New York art-heads successfully walk the line between musical experimentation and killer melodic hooks with ease making them a challenging and joyful listen. A UK tour is in the works. Don’t miss it.

James Sherry