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Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste
‘Hazardous Mutation’

If you’ve yet to jump aboard the Waste train and join the party-thrash revolution, then here’s a chance to see what you’ve been missing. Municipal Waste are four beer swillin’ dudes that could easily pass for characters from the ‘Wayne’s World’ films (but actually hail from Richmond, VA), and ‘Hazardous Mutation‘ – their 2005 debut album – is a feast of two minute thrash-core odes to post-apocalyptic mutants and getting wasted. Well, mainly getting wasted. Anyone who hankers for the glory days of bands like D.R.I. and Suicidal Tendencies should check this out pronto.

The main appeal of this recent re-release is the inclusion of a bonus DVD, which features a recording of a hometown show interspersed with clips of a band interview conducted in guitarist Ryan Waste’s kitchen. You’ve probably gathered by now that this lot don’t take themselves too seriously; so the onstage presence of a ‘wizard’, the amusing tour stories and the sight of bassist Land Phil pouring beer on his breakfast cereal shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Laugh? You certainly will, and then some.

Check out ‘Unleash The Bastards’ on the link above.