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Milk Kan

Milk Can
Bling Bling Baby
Play It Again 7

There are 4 people that form this cheeky cockney set up and they seem to be the closest thing to Chas n Dave than anyone else right now! Some people have mentioned Billy Bragg, others have spoken about Mike Skinner from The Streets and they would not be wrong, but I would personally say that Delboy, Rodders and Co from Only Fools and Horses could be revisited just in time for Xmas this year with this monster!

The flip side to this CD single that was released on 5th December features a track called Kill All A&R Men which, once again, will have you in stitches if you have half a sense of humour. I am sure that there is more where this came from so expect to hear more on this site when it arrives as this is the sort of stuff everyone loves to get hammered to and dance like fools until they puke.

Top stuff and just in time for the silly season! More Milk please!